Smart Zone: General Insurance

SMART ZONE is  in the business of providing comprehensive health care solutions.

Inflation in health care industry is 18% as a result of which treatment costs are going up continuously. As per  last year data available, only 21% of the hospital bills were paid by the insurance companies which goes to show that many of us do not have health insurance cover at all or have small cover which is inadequate to take care of all expenses in case of need. It is not only important to have an adequate health cover for your family but also to have one which takes care of all expenses at hospital.

Max Bupa provides most comprehensive products which take care of all possible payments at the hospitals. They are the only service provider in the market who cover more than 700 day care procedures which do not require hospitalization and also provide regular health check facility free of cost as part of policy. We have been able to make major break through in the market because of superior products & services which till sometimes back was monopolized by Public Sector Undertakings. At Max Bupa, our Mission is to help our customers live healthier and more successful lives by providing expertise as healthcare partners.


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